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How I Spend Quality Time With My Kids

quality-time-with-kidsI cherish every second I spend with my kids. They’re just so adorable and cute. I just want to be there for them all the time. But being there for them all the time is not enough. I really want to make sure that I spend quality time with them.

Quality time with kids can sound a little too broad. I know a lot of parents claim they spend quality time with their kids. But as I think about it, what is quality time with the kids? For me, quality time with my kids is making sure I do all these five things every single day. I’ve actually made them the parameters of how I spend quality time with my kids.

Lots And Lots Of Hugs And Kisses

Each single day that passes, I make sure to kiss and hug my kids lots and lots of times. I’m very generous with hugs and kisses. Out of the blue, I usually yell out, “Ten thousand kisses!” Then I run after them; kissing and hugging them all over. But I also make sure to kiss and hug them during quiet moments. They could be sleeping, playing, watching television; the point is, I make sure to kiss and hug them. I absolutely love the fresh and vibrant energy I get from all the hugs and kisses from my kids.

Pay Attention

According to www.iParentingLife.com childcare resource, there’s a big difference between being there and paying attention. In my case, I’m there all the time for my kids. But when I’m faced with so much housework, it becomes a challenge for me to pay attention to them.

That’s why I make an effort to pay attention. So when one of my kids has something to say, I give my hundred per cent attention. I don’t just say okay to get it over and done with. I take some time to really understand what they are saying. Believe me, that gets very challenging but nonetheless, worth every effort.

Look And Listen

There isn’t a day that passes when I hear my kids say, “Look, Mom!” They just love to show me their great works of art, their latest dance step, and even their latest discovery. These are the times when I drop everything else to look and listen to my kids. I just love being part of their latest accomplishment.


During the day, I make sure to spend some time playing with my kids. It could be a quick game of tag or a game on the computer. Nonetheless, I make sure to spend time playing with them. I really want to take advantage of these precious times when I can join them in the things they love doing.

Have A Conversation

No matter how young my kids are now, I really make sure I spend some time conversing with them. Most of the time, I get the funniest stories, remarks, and ideas from our small conversations. But nothing can replace those sweet, precious moments. The conversations I have with my kids make my day.

So that’s how I spend quality times with my kids. I know, in due time, I’ll have to change the parameters as the years go by. But for now, I’ll enjoy them first.

What I’m Learning About Parenting

spending-time-with-kidsThere are two things I’m learning about parenting. One is that, what worked for my parents won’t really work for me. For example, I remember my parents telling me that it’s bad manners to interrupt the conversation of the grown ups. Now, I just tell my kids to say, “Excuse me.”

The second thing that I’m slowly learning is that parenting is not just a 25-hour job, it’s a lifetime job. I don’t think I can lessen the love and care I give to them in the years to come. I would really like to have a more solid relationship with my kids. Unlike the relationship I have with my parents where nothing goes beyond a hello. Of course, that’s an exaggeration but nonetheless, it’s not like I’m close to my parents now.

Making It Better Now

I think every parent wants to make it better. And that’s exactly how I want it to be for my kids. When I was growing up, I thought everything my parents said was the absolute truth. They were my heroes and there was no way they could possibly be wrong in anything. My parents were the ultimate pair and I adored them. I think that’s a natural reaction of every child. Given that, I want to make sure that my kids don’t think of me and my husband as perfect.

The time I spend with my kids is precious. I adore them and I know that they adore me. But if there’s one thing I want my kids to know as early as now, it’s the fact that I’m as human as anybody. I tell them when I don’t know the answer. I don’t want them to think I know any better. I let them talk and I try to understand them. As tedious as that may seem, I make sure to understand them and admit, at times, that I don’t get it. I really want to make it better in such a way that my kids won’t get disillusioned. If they see me as a regular human being, hopefully they can accept me and even forgive me as I make mistakes in their growing up years. Expectations will be less but the love, care, and understanding will be more.

A Lifetime Job

In my opinion, parenting is a lifetime job. Now that’s a lot different from a job of a lifetime.

But seriously, parenting is something that I will always be doing even if my kids are all grown up. Again, this is so different from how my own parents viewed parenting. For them, the door was wide open soon as I turned 18. I don’t think I can do that to own kids. Although I will give them the space and freedom to explore the world, I want them to know that they’re always welcome to come back home.

For Now, I Will Enjoy My Kids

I know I’m looking way ahead but I can’t help. My kids are growing up so fast. Therefore, I want to enjoy every second of being with them. I want to enjoy their laughter, their little games, and their cute conversations. Add to that their witty remarks that always make me laugh. All of that will always be stored in my memory bank. I know that each day that I spend with them, I will still learn more about parenting.

Keeping Up With My Kids

technology-and-kidsIt was so much easier to keep up with my kids when they were younger. All I did was run after them and made sure their everyday needs were complied with. Actually, I found that the easy part. I loved running after them. It was actually good exercise for me. And while it was my responsibility to make sure they were all well cared for, I really didn’t mind doing it every second of the day. To this day, the best part of my life is being their mom. I just love doing everything for them.

But now that my kids are getting older, I am finding it hard to keep up with them. I find that my kids are getting too smart for me. This so-called computer age is enough to make any mom feel inadequate.

It Just Gets Too Complicated

It was so much easier when my kids were younger. It was easier to deal with alphabets and super heroes. I didn’t mind watching all the cartoons and movies just to stay abreast with all the superheroes and the other cartoon characters. I actually found that fun to do. I enjoyed that stage.

But now that they’re into computers, I’m seeing the need to learn more about this computer or digital age. To understand what they’re saying and doing, I need to know more about computers and mobile devices. I can’t be the kind of mom that just stays in the background to eventually get left behind.

I grew up in a totally different age and time. While that makes me sound like a dinosaur, it’s totally true. The most that I ever got to being high tech was watching movies from a laser disc. I remember those laser discs that looked like long playing albums. That’s the most that I can remember about being high tech as I was growing up. Then I eventually saw the evolution of technology as I found my way into the corporate world. And now that I’m a mom, I’m still amazed on how it’s evolving. There’s just no doubt that it gets too complicated as the years go by.

The Irony Of It All

I know that technology makes it easier for us. But now that my kids are into downloading apps and games on their devices, I need to understand the navigation and the terms of engagement that come with it. That takes a lot of time and energy for me to do. I really need to do a lot of reading.

I had actually spend hours just trying to understand why an apps wasn’t downloaded fully. To add to that, I needed to send emails to the company concerned to give feedback about the download. I mean, how complicated can my kids’ games get? I don’t remember stressing my parents about my games and toys while growing up.

This is precisely the reason why I need to be on my toes at all times. At the moment, my kids are just into games and apps in their mobile devices. Hence, I do my best to understand the navigation on their devices. I also take some time out to see the websites they visit since they like to watch videos online as well. I had actually spent a whole day installing some kind of protection for kids online. It was a software that was easy to install. But nonetheless, it did take some time for me to get it done. As a busy stay-at-home mom, I would need more hours in a day to learn more about my kids’ gadgets.

A Long Way To Go

This is just the start because as my kids grow up, technology will further evolve. As a mom, I would have to stay abreast with all the latest technological changes that will be part of my kids’ life. That’s really a lot for me to learn just so I can keep up with my kids.