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How I Spend Quality Time With My Kids

quality-time-with-kidsI cherish every second I spend with my kids. They’re just so adorable and cute. I just want to be there for them all the time. But being there for them all the time is not enough. I really want to make sure that I spend quality time with them.

Quality time with kids can sound a little too broad. I know a lot of parents claim they spend quality time with their kids. But as I think about it, what is quality time with the kids? For me, quality time with my kids is making sure I do all these five things every single day. I’ve actually made them the parameters of how I spend quality time with my kids.

Lots And Lots Of Hugs And Kisses

Each single day that passes, I make sure to kiss and hug my kids lots and lots of times. I’m very generous with hugs and kisses. Out of the blue, I usually yell out, “Ten thousand kisses!” Then I run after them; kissing and hugging them all over. But I also make sure to kiss and hug them during quiet moments. They could be sleeping, playing, watching television; the point is, I make sure to kiss and hug them. I absolutely love the fresh and vibrant energy I get from all the hugs and kisses from my kids.

Pay Attention

According to www.iParentingLife.com childcare resource, there’s a big difference between being there and paying attention. In my case, I’m there all the time for my kids. But when I’m faced with so much housework, it becomes a challenge for me to pay attention to them.

That’s why I make an effort to pay attention. So when one of my kids has something to say, I give my hundred per cent attention. I don’t just say okay to get it over and done with. I take some time to really understand what they are saying. Believe me, that gets very challenging but nonetheless, worth every effort.

Look And Listen

There isn’t a day that passes when I hear my kids say, “Look, Mom!” They just love to show me their great works of art, their latest dance step, and even their latest discovery. These are the times when I drop everything else to look and listen to my kids. I just love being part of their latest accomplishment.


During the day, I make sure to spend some time playing with my kids. It could be a quick game of tag or a game on the computer. Nonetheless, I make sure to spend time playing with them. I really want to take advantage of these precious times when I can join them in the things they love doing.

Have A Conversation

No matter how young my kids are now, I really make sure I spend some time conversing with them. Most of the time, I get the funniest stories, remarks, and ideas from our small conversations. But nothing can replace those sweet, precious moments. The conversations I have with my kids make my day.

So that’s how I spend quality times with my kids. I know, in due time, I’ll have to change the parameters as the years go by. But for now, I’ll enjoy them first.